Monday, 31 October 2011

A3 Poster

Hand made paper, compost, stitch, tracing paper,pins 420mm x 297mm

The A3 exhibition gave me chance to do some more making! My main objective was to make an A3 piece that would prompt the viewer to reflect on the physicality of the land generating questions about how they place themselves as individuals within the world itself. Process and development were one of the main aspects of the work. Handmade paper made from well-rotted compost and paper pulp was texturized by using the process of heat. As well as creating a more textured surface scorching and burning was also achieved creating more aesthetic depth. Blanket stitch was used to attach the roughly torn pieces of the paper together. The result was a textured topographical map like piece which visualizes the rural landscape. The appropriation of the Yorkshire landscape and its patchwork of cultivated fields separated by dry stone wall boundaries are evident in the work. The piece portrays the main theme and concern of my current work; the physicality of the world around us and societies lack of connection with the real world within the 21st century.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Organic canvas, beetroot pigment, thread, paper

Back into the swing of things i am now  attempting to harness the physicality and intervention of the elements as mediums and processes. Fire, Earth, Air and Water are the key to life itself and without each of these elements we would not exist. The work above is explorative using organic canvas from a previous project and the element of fire/heat. The embossed hexagonal patterns represent nature and its way of simplification and perfection. The burning process is immediate and destructive and a challenge to control; appropriating the loss of control experienced within the world today!!