Tuesday, 27 September 2011

 "Detail from organic matter Collagraph"  2011 20 x 20cm           Selected to be shown at the live exhibition of earth:NOW:being

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Himalayan Balsam Eradication!

 Steering and tagging Cattle!


Hay Making!  

Fewston Church Yard

Summer has been filled with my connection with the rural landscape on a physical level!
I have been involved with the AONB Conservation volunteers in the management of the landscape in and around Pateley Bridge. As well as educational it has been great fun and is informing my practice as I move on to the final year of my degree. I will be drawing from the processes experienced through the conservation and manipulation of the landscape and its organic materials, this will inform the further development of my work. My thanks to everyone involved for making me so welcome especially Colin Slater, his humour and knowledge is a real inspiration; I will be back and hope to incorporate the important work the group does into my on-going practice.

Dry Stone Walling

Dry Stone walling at Banks Farm, West End.

Although a wild day, a really enjoyable one! The deteriorated wall was dismantled and we rebuilt the new. This process engages with every aspect of the physicality of the land and its materials. Being in contact with the material (stone) the earth and the elements directly engages you to place. This for me combines a sense of fulfilment and belonging within the creative process.