Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cmndr Chris Hadfield

Following Cmndr Hadfield on twitter and his fantastic images of earth from the ISS are so thought provoking. Visualising breathtaking images  of our planet from space in real time is, i have to admit a positive aspect of technology!

8x8 Childhood Explored

We Are Mere Dots
'We are Mere Dots' 8x8 Rust Pigment on Foam Board

Piece now available to buy in support of Camille's Appeal

'We are mere dots'


Using basic foam board hand stippled ‘dots’ of rust pigment have been applied. This plain white surface is a real contrast to the decomposed substance. Topographical aspects of place and how we cluster to the cities to sustain our daily needs are an aspect of these drawings that have unintentionally realised. These minute marks form a representation of how small we really are in relation to the rest of the universe!!

Revisiting Rust Pigment

I have recently revisited working with rust pigment. Syphoned from rusting metal this mark making medium embodies the cycle of decomposition. The elements have forced the braking down of this organic matter into another form. The rust elements combined with rain water still retain the possibility of sustaining life. Here in the jars it is stored ‘life’ begins to grow from the medium itself!