Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Keyboard Membranes

The punctured key board membranes generate great opportunity for these graphite stencil drawings. They have a city scape connotation high rised flats and offices rising above the sky line, or is it that these images are portraying a journey the other way; boring down into the earth! Taking root and dwelling!


I have begun my final major project be taking apart on old laptop. The process of heat and burning/melting has been something i have been exploring. Aspects of apocolyptic happenings and the destruction of humanity are i feel informing this work. There are however problems with the actual materials within these devices and i am limited as to what i can manipulate through this process. The keyboards structure is interesting and contributing to some interesting work.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Final Major Project

Immense research into my dissertation entitled "How does the significance of humanities mark on the rural landscape reflect our need to belong in the 21st century?"  is now informing work towards my Final Major Project. I am now exploring in greater detail the concept of the juxtaposition between digital technology and the organic. It is true to say that the technology we have today computers, I phones and the like are organic in origin, without the elements and the fusion of organic matter they would not exist, everything is from nature itself.
It is however the disassociation and lack of physical interaction between each other and the environment that technology creates that is my main concern. Face to face interaction and our constant thirst for digital technology appears to be taking over our lives. Ask yourself; how long do I spend looking at a digital screen in a normal day?  Far too long I suspect. Why do we accept this as a normal activity? Interacting with digital images instead of the real thing restricts creativity, expression, interaction, and physical responses. The activities that allow us to experience the physical world and generate feelings of belonging and acceptance.

“When my friends and I built the first virtual reality machines, the whole point was to make this world more creative, expressive, and empathic and interesting. It was not to escape it.”
(Lanier J, 2010)