Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Scar Reservouir

I have to say one of my favourite places to spend time, a beautiful part of the Yorkshire.The wonder of the natural world and the shear vastness of our local countryside is experienced at Scar Reservoir. Built in the 19th century it took 15 years to complete and supplies 21million gallons of water a day to Bradford. While being constructed, a whole village was built to house the workers.  

Autumn Pateley Bridge

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


After attending a "Camereless Work Shop" with Cherry Kino @ ESA Patrick Studios I was really inspired by the process of manipulating film in unconventional ways such as leaving film in water, burying, exposing film with random objects on top (sugar, salt, lace etc). The cameras and cine film lend themselves to a real nostalgic feel and made me reflect on the past and times gone by. I dug out some old negatives on reels which I have started to work with. Unfortunately the medium is not as sensitive as cine film and is very difficult to manipulated with organic matter. Using stencils I scratched text into the reverse side of the negatives and used some crushed lime stone to soften the appearance (like sandpaper!) I think the result works well and conveys an aged and worn appearance. Slicing the negatives into strips and creating a 3D design produces some beautiful patterns when lit. Also machine stitched text onto negatives but not sure where I will be taking it all, if anywhere! 

Monday, 25 October 2010

Breaking Up Of The Limestone

To move forward with the "Secret Life Of Objects Brief" I felt I had to explore the physicality of the lime stone and engage in it's actual make up. As limestone is made up of animal and plant life I was expecting a little more to look at when I broke it open. The different layers are visible but not that interesting. However the stone does have a sparkly quality which lends itself to aspects of "finding something precious" or appropriating "a precious childhood."
Because the stone physically represents the passing of time through it's layers of plant and animal forms it is an important aspect and as a material needs to be incorporated into my work.


Although a realy lengthy process in todays standards Typsetting was an enjoyable medium to work with. For me it was the physical aspect of making and the contact with the medium that generated a sense of satisfaction at producing a piece of work. I experienced a real sense of the past and the hard work which must have been endured to produce text before the advance of technology.

Susie Macurray

"Promenade" @ Kedleston Hall

 "Maidenhair" French Knitted Human Hair

Echo And Reverence @ St Mary Church York

I am very much drawn to the work of Susie MacMurray. She evokes a response of empathy and sensitivity through the use of materials which carry the remnants of humanity. (Hairnets, violin bow hair, human hair.) She reflects a space with a transient and ephemeral quality. The act of repetition and direct link to traditonal methods such as sewing and the historical reflection of her work are aspects that interest me.  

My Childhood (1972) Bill Douglas

Autobiographical poetic, social realism film portraying a childhood in a deprived run down Edinburgh mining village.
Bill Douglas uses bare rooms and pared-down images to convey not the actual material appearance of his childhood surroundings, but what it felt like to be there. Very little dialogue within the film but the deeply moving images portrayed in the film play out the narrative with such sensitivity.(The scene above has Jamie, the main character, helping his Grandma to keep warm by placing her hands around a cup he has heated up with hot water. With only a slight tapping of his hands against his Grandmas an image of tenderness is portrayed amongst the deprivation and squalor.) It is this sensitivity that interests me and the way the non actors within the film portray a real and genuine narrative on screen    

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Light Night @ Leeds College Of Art "Past Times"

These two images were originally taken last year as research for the brief "Psycho Cities" My starting point was the sight of the old red bus station which for me held associations with times gone by. The bus station symbolized the journey from Harrogate and arrival in Leeds for a night of clubbing in my younger days!!
The images show the deterioration of the buildings around the site, the decay, corrosion and how nature pushes it's way through and takes over regardless. They are part of the Light Night exhibition at Leeds College Of Art.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Light Night Film

Using alternated images of the elements and children interacting with the limestone I produced this reflective short film.The ebb and flow of  life's cycle, nostalgia and memory are key elements within the film as well as the act of play and exploration with the materials nature provides. The film will be situated in The Light in Leeds city centre along with other 2nd year Art &  Design Interdisciplinary work for the Light Night exhibition and Art In Unusual Spaces. 

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tear Drops Blossom by Micheal Aubtin Madadi

The story of a curious woman and the saddest man in the world.