Thursday, 9 July 2015

Creative Process



Feeling more settled has, I think, has helped with my creative process. I am engrossed in the process of photocopying foraged skeletal leaves, drawing with needle point, and singeing these large textured images. All these processes fulfil my need to be out in the environment, the excitement of searching and finding, physical process of piercing to form texture and the tension that is created between not letting the paper actually burn..............I am in my element!


2 years on...........



My little haven! Its been nearly two years since I moved to my new home...its taken a while to feel settled but now 2 years on I think things are coming together. The garden is looking lush and plants are growing well in the raised bed I made. The ground is solid clay and rubble so it is not easy to plant just anything, but its amazing what you can do with well rotted woodchip and lots of  plants in pots!