Monday, 30 July 2012

Arts @ Trinity Festival




Participants recreating the print of an apocalyptic scene onto the pavement at Holy Trinity Church in Leeds. This process was a direct response to an earlier interactive process I had created of drawing with raw materials; stone & charcoal onto sandpaper.  Engaging with the space around us participants recreated the image in sections onto the pavement with coloured chalk and charcoal. The exercise shows how much individuality we each have in our way of mark making. By using coloured chalk the scene was reversed in its theme to dark and foreboding to light and uplifting.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Synthetic cocoons in the landscape

I now begin to make many of these knitted cocoons. Each one is made with much speed; the more I make the easier the process becomes. They have an alien quality and begin to replace previous forms of stones taken from the landscape. The forms have been reversed the knitted monofilament that once encased rocks in previous work have now become a dominant feature. Taken out into the landscape they appear as an alien presence, nestled within the landscape the contrast of the synthetic and natural elements is highlighted by the sunlight.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Life goes on as an emerging artist!

My Degree may be finished but i still continue to make, manipulate and transform materials and the environment around me. Using monofilamnet as a material over the past few months has generated a real fascination with this versatile thread. Transforming this material from long never ending reels  into forms and entities in their own right has become a slight obsession with me!Its aesthetic quality when highlighted by artificial or natural sun light is very beautiful and something i cannot ignore!

I am now beginning to develop an installation. Knitting heavier gauge monofilament i begin to form cocoons and hang them vertically.