Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Corner bound monofilament

Knitted section of monofilament over spot light

Wal to wall monofilamnet

Corner aspect of monofilament & projection

Landscape stones encased in monofilament

I have been experimenting with many different mediums in preparation for the final degree show but seem to have got lost in the aesthetic qualities of monofilamnet! After our last crit on Monday i began to realise how in the last few weeks i had become distant from the core aspects of my practice; the organic and the physicality of the real. I am constantly challenged with how i will represent the realness of the rural environment and the materials that inhabit this space within a gallery setting. Nothing can replicate the experience of the elements and their physicality; you have to be there within them inhabiting the landscape itself to appreciate their aesthetic.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Preparing for Final Degree Show

Preparations are now in full swing for the work i will be exhibiting at the Final Major Show of my degree in Interdisciplinary Art & Design  at Leeds College of Art. At this point i am working through the different processes i have currently been engaged in and am unsure of what i will realise!
The physicality of the environment is paramount. However the problem i am always faced with is that the elements and the experience of actually being present within the rural environment can never be replicated; you have to be there within it to appreciate its physicality.
I am engaging in a wide range of processes from knitting, binding space and place, foraging, raw organic mark making and the process of documentation through film. It will be a major decision as to which of these processes will become a representation of my cause for all things real and physical.!